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Engineering company establishes simulation centre

Tecosim Technische Simulation, an engineering company with specialist expertise in computer-aided engineering (CAE), has established a Radioss Competence Center at its Cologne branch office. Radioss is Altair Engineering's HyperWorks suite solver solution and the Competence Center will provide engineering services to all of its key automotive tier one and OEM customers.

'Radioss is a robust, effective and predictive solver, providing highly paralleled and linearly scalable solutions,' said Dr Torben Birker, director at Tecosim Technische Simulation. 'The Radioss Competence Center not only allows for continuing enhancement of various full vehicle and component crash and safety simulations, but it also pushes advanced modelling techniques, e.g. composite simulation and laminated glass, in deep cooperation with OEMs.'

Tecosim's experience, combined with the productiveness of Radioss, enables the company to implement future-driven technologies, such as multidiscipline optimisation, leading to weight-optimised components, lighter vehicles and hence material and CO2 reduction in the production and use of a new product.


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