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eMolecules to join Accelrys directory

Accelrys, a provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software, and eMolecules, a market-leading compound sourcing platform, announced that they are collaborating to include eMolecules’ in-stock building block compounds in the Accelrys Available Chemicals Directory (ACD) database.  

Adding eMolecules into Accelrys ACD enables scientists to identify the optimal set of compounds for their synthesis or library with increased confidence that those compounds will be available at the indicated prices from the selected suppliers.

'Now, with the inclusion of validated and curated compound availability information from eMolecules, Accelrys ACD customers can order with increased confidence that chemical suppliers will deliver the compounds on time,' said Dr Matt Hahn, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Accelrys. 'Together, Accelrys and eMolecules are revolutionising the efficiency and reliability of compound acquisition throughout our shared markets.'

'This collaboration will help Accelrys ACD users acquire the in-stock compounds critical to their projects’ progress in an efficient and easy way,' said Niko Gubernator, CEO of eMolecules. 'eMolecules is excited to demonstrate to Accelrys’ ACD users how our revolutionary approach to compound purchasing has delivered industry-proven results in improving efficiencies, lowering costs and driving innovation for pharmaceutical, biotech and academic groups alike.'


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