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Elsevier and PerkinElmer partnership aims to enable faster chemistry research

Elsevier has announced a strategic collaboration with PerkinElmer to integrate the companies chemistry software platforms. The first phase of this collaboration will see the integration of Elsevier’s flagship chemistry database, Reaxys, with PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw software.

The ChemDraw JS software will be available directly through Reaxys, allowing academic and industry users to access the structure editor from within Reaxys to create publication-ready drawings, and simplifying access to a range of commonly used features.

‘By integrating ChemDraw with Reaxys we are enhancing the user experience, allowing chemists and researchers to work in whatever way is most natural and familiar to them,’ said Neal Katz, director of Life Science Solutions Marketing at Elsevier. ‘At Elsevier, we are consistently working to understand how the ways chemists work on a day-to-day basis are transforming, and to develop solutions that help them achieve their goals faster. We’re so excited about collaborating with PerkinElmer. This is the first step in a collaboration that will benefit chemists and researchers around the world.’

Following this initial phase, Elsevier and PerkinElmer intend to integrate Reaxys into ChemDraw Desktop, enabling Reaxys subscribers to draw structures in ChemDraw and immediately search for them in the Reaxys database. Elsevier and PerkinElmer anticipate that the integration with ChemDraw JS will be available Q2 2018, with the ChemDraw Desktop integration expected to be launched in Q4 2018.

The integration will provide users with greater flexibility and seamless workflow transitions by allowing them to use their preferred structure editor directly within Reaxys whenever they wish to create graphics for publication or queries for chemistry search solutions, rather than having to adapt or be trained on a new tool. It also gives users multiple ways to initiate a structure search depending on their particular needs for each task. With the introduction of ChemDraw into Reaxys, organisations can spend less time training chemists to master different tools, resulting in lower costs and increased productivity per user.

‘We are delighted that ChemDraw will be integrated with Reaxys as we are dedicated to enhancing scientific discovery This integration means our users will enjoy a fluid and seamless research process, accelerating discoveries and opening up new areas of scientific inquiry,’ said Michael Swartz, business segment leader, research, at PerkinElmer. Bringing together these two top-tier solutions gives users the best of both worlds by combining our informatics capabilities with Elsevier’s vast searchable content library. We look forward to finding more ways to collaborate with Elsevier in the future.’

Reaxys contains more than 240 years of unparalleled chemistry content, including 105 million organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds, 42 million chemical reactions, 500 million published experimental facts, 16,000 chemistry related periodicals and six indexing sources for a cross-disciplinary view of chemistry.


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