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DNAStar signs Lasergene multi-site license agreement with CDC

Bioinformatics company DNAStar has signed a broad license agreement for the use of its Lasergene sequence analysis software with the Coordinating Center for Infectious Disease (CCID) division of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA .


Under the terms of the site license, Lasergene can be used on the Atlanta campus of CDC as well as their other campus sites in Fort Collins, CO, Anchorage, AK and San Juan, PR. Lasergene is a sequence analysis software that provides users with tools for performing a wide range of assembly, visualisation and analysis operations on data generated by the conventional Sanger sequencing method as well as Next Generation techniques. The desktop software allows users to analyse samples ranging from small plasmids up to large bacterial genomes.


Lasergene is a suite of tools for molecular biologists and geneticists used primarily in the assembly and analysis of DNA and protein sequences. The software provides researchers with a broad range of analysis tools that can be used with traditional and next-generation sequence analysis projects.


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