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DNAStar joins the BioIT Alliance

DNAStar, a software company that has been meeting the sequence assembly and analysis needs of life scientists for more than 25 years, has announced that it has become a part of the BioIT Alliance. The BioIT Alliance is a group of organisations working together to realise the potential of personalised medicine.

According to Les Jordan, director of the BioIT Alliance: 'Informatics is a key component in moving to true personalised medicine. With DNAStar’s long-standing reputation for producing cutting edge desktop computer software tools for life scientists, it was only natural that DNAStar would join the Alliance to help move the world closer to the reality of personalised medicine.'

Tom Schwei, DNAStar’s general manager, commented: 'As the next-generation DNA sequencing revolution has expanded scientists’ thinking about what is possible, now is the time to aggressively move forward to solve the most important challenges we face in effectively processing, analysing and interpreting the data generated by these new and emerging technologies. The keys to the future of human health are wrapped up in the data currently being generated. We at DNAStar are pleased to be partnering with other members of the BioIT Alliance to help unlock the mysteries surrounding personalised medicine.'


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