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Defence and intelligence oraganisations using GPU parallelisation

AccelerEyes has revealed that its Jacket platform has been adopted by a range of defence and intelligence organisations, primarily in the USA. The Jacket platform facilitates the parallelisation of Matlab code by optimising it to run on Nvidia's range of GPUs.

Engineers at BAE Systems, for example, have used the Jacket platform to transform a real-world complex signal detection and geolocation algorithm to GPUs. According to AccelerEyes, performance improved by a factor of 17 on a CUDA-enabled Nvidia GPU using Jacket. The engineers achieved productivity gains with Jacket, in addition to performance, by eliminating the need to deal with low-level programming and APIs.

Other customers revealed by AccelerEyes include System Planning Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, The Thales Group, EADS NV, SAIC, the US Navy, the US Army, Ball Aerospace, and CACI.

The company believes that Jacket's early adoption by the technical computing community stems largely from it being a productivity platform that supports easy integration while providing a user experience familiar to many users.

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