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Debugging tool now supports Cray environment

Allinea's Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) v2.6 now supports the debugging of optimised code that is produced by the Cray Compiler Environment (CCE).

Following a successful technical collaboration between the two companies, Allinea Software has integrated Cray's 'fast-track debugging' capabilities into its DDT product. With this powerful feature, debugging long-running applications can be greatly improved by supporting significantly faster execution of the application until it reaches the portion of the application where debugging support is required. In addition, difficult-to-find bugs, which are often affected by code re-ordering and other optimisation techniques, are more likely to be detected by debugging the production code in production runs. Users of Cray system utilising the CCE and the Allinea fast-track feature will be able to debug production applications with full optimisation enabled.

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