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Danish university eases wireless communication transceiver simulation

Aalborg University in Denmark is using GPU technology to enhance its work in the theory, modelling, design, implementation and test of RF systems and circuits.

Aalborg's Department of Electronics Systems and Technology Platforms Section has recently embarked on a significant effort in the use of GPUs to solve numerical problems in the communication technology area, where the ultimate goal is to improve communication systems and devices.

As a stepping stone towards broader use of GPU technology, Professor Torben Larsen’s team at AAU has employed a number of systems housing various GPU configurations to explore the possibilities. The researchers' primary interest is the development of improved algorithms and techniques that lead to useful discovery, which is why they have chosen to develop in a very high-level language (VHLL). The algorithms will be developed on these systems using Jacket (from AccelerEyes) and Matlab. The development of new algorithms that incorporate Jacket from the beginning means that there is not a 'transformation' process to get GPU results. Upon completion of the development, users can either run plain Matlab on CPU-based systems or leverage the above GPU resources to instantly gain performance advantages.

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