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D3 applies Ciara's technology

D3 Applied Technologies has selected Ciara Technologies of Montreal, Canada, as its primary technology systems provider.

This decision enables D3 Applied Technologies to realise significant gains in computational performance and time to insight by using Ciara's portfolio of computing solutions, such as the Nexxus C deskside cluster system and the Kronos S line of technical workstations.

The Nexxus C system is configured for maximum efficiency in performance, functionality and cost for individuals, departmental workgroups, and small- to medium-sized businesses wanting to harness high-performance computing without the complexity of traditional clusters.   

The Kronos S line systems are designed to deliver the highest performance optimised solution for demanding simulation applications in the automotive, aerospace, life sciences, energy and other compute-intensive markets.

'As our first customer in Spain for Ciara's Nexxus and Kronos systems, we are proud to be working with such a qualified and professional design and engineering firm that pushes the boundary of state-of-the-art in maritime, aerospace and renewable energy market segments,' said Patrick Scateni, vice president of sales and marketing for Ciara.

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