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Cray doubles size of scientific supercomputers

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has completed acceptance of an upgrade to its Cray XT4TM system, taking the highly scalable supercomputer from 119 teraflops (one trillion floating point operations per second) to more than 260 teraflops.

Already one of the world’s largest high-performance computing (HPC) systems, the supercomputer, codenamed Jaguar, was upgraded to incorporate new Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, more than doubling the system’s compute performance.

'Compute performance has a direct impact on our ability to tackle the greatest engineering and scientific challenges we face, resulting in the breakthroughs that change society,’ said Dr Thomas Zacharia, Oak Ridge National Laboratory associate director for computing and computational sciences.  ‘The scalability, reliability and upgradeability of the Cray XT4 has made Jaguar an increasingly powerful computing resource for our researchers and scientists.’ All of the Cray XT4 system’s dual-core compute sockets were upgraded to Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors and the memory in each socket was doubled. 

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