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CoolIT awarded cool new patent

CoolIT Systems, a provider of direct contact liquid cooling (DCLC) technologies for HPC, cloud and enterprise markets, has been issued with a new patent which covers the company’s Split Flow Heat Exchanger technology.  

The invention of the split flow technology dates back to 2007 and was created as a result of CoolIT R&D efforts to improve liquid cooling performance while reducing pumping power requirements. The result of the invention has been the steady delivery of solutions by CoolIT in the direct contact liquid cooling market. 

‘This is a key patent for the company that adds significantly to our IP portfolio,’ said Geoff Lyon, CEO and CTO of CoolIT Systems. ‘The invention relates to a compact method of delivering coolant through an opening over a central section of micro-channels resulting in a superior level of performance.  This patent strengthens CoolIT’s position with our proprietary technology giving us a tremendous advantage in the market.’

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