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Convey Computer partners with Mitrionics and Platform Computing

Convey Computer, a leader in hybrid-core computing, has partnered with HPC software leaders Mitrionics and Platform Computing.

'The driver for agreements with these superior software companies is efficiency for our customers,' said Bruce Toal, CEO and president, Convey Computer. 'By supporting Mitrionics' products on our hybrid-core computing systems, customers can develop and deploy custom personalities in a shorter time period. By using Platform Computing's premier scheduling software, customers can efficiently manage compute or data-intensive workloads on HPC clusters and grids.'

Mitrionics, the leader in FPGA-based software development products, will support its Mitrion Virtual Processor and Mitrion Software Development Kit on Convey's HC-1 hybrid-core computers. FPGA computing applications, championed by both Mitrionics and Convey, are attractive to HPC users because of the technology's lower power consumption, architectural flexibility, and increased application performance.

'The Convey HC-1 system's large memories and superior memory bandwidth makes it particularly well suited for accelerating a number of modern bioinformatics algorithms,' said Stefan Möhl, chief science officer and co-founder of Mitrionics. 'Our implementation of the Smith-Waterman algorithm for the HC-1 demonstrates the potential of the system and, with Mitrion, it will be easy to create custom personalities to accelerate other widely used applications.'

Platform Computing will have its products supported on Convey's hybrid-core computers. Convey Computer will also resell Platform's high performance computing (HPC) products.

Jingwen Wang, vice president products, Platform Computing, said: 'By combining Convey's hybrid core technology with the advanced scheduling capabilities of Platform's HPC products, users will gain greater computing power while utilising more of their infrastructure, allowing them to complete tasks more efficiently and in significantly less time.'

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