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Consulting services added to Maplesoft portfolio

In a move to strengthen its portfolio of offerings for system-level modelling and simulation, Maplesoft has announced the addition of professional consulting services. The company’s Modelica-based consulting services include model development and simulation services, analysis and tool development, real-time plant-model code generation and training.

Modelica, an open, object-oriented, physical modelling language, is at the core of most of Maplesoft’s development projects and Modelica-based tools have experienced wide-spread adoption during the past two decades. As part of the new services, consultants will draw on the expertise gained from past and current consulting projects, which include the development of a specialised driveline component library, multiple projects with a leading automotive manufacturer to help them move to a model-based development process, vibration analysis of drivetrain models for marine drivelines and multiple projects involving the development of custom components and solutions in the areas of robotics, mechatronics, motion control, aerospace, and power and energy.

‘For some time now, our customers have been telling us that they have gaps in their resources when it comes to implementing system-level modelling and simulation projects, and this initiative is a direct response to that request,’ said Paul Goossens, vice president, Applications Engineering, Maplesoft. ‘We believe our Modelica-based expertise will help customers with the smooth implementation of modelling strategies, reduce risk of project slip or failure and maximise return on investment.’


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