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Collaboration on linked open data

Fujitsu Laboratories, the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) of the National University of Ireland Galway, and Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe have jointly announced a data storage technology that stores and queries interconnected linked open data (LOD), available globally.

The technology will be made available free of charge on a cloud-based platform that utilises LOD, promoting open data usage and enabling the easy utilisation of enormous volumes of LOD.

The joint development programme is focused on overcoming the challenges presented by the quantity of LOD available via the Internet, as well as the difficulties in using and processing LOD effectively.

The initiative has developed an LOD-utilising platform that, using a standard Application Programming Interface (API), is capable of batch searches of billions of pieces of stored LOD data via high-speed search algorithms that are five to ten times faster than before.

With much of the available information in LOD format coming from academic and government institutions, together with individual data sets only being available from the respective organisations’ websites, it has been difficult in the past to determine the data type and location.

The new technology overcomes this, incorporating a function to enable visual searches of data required by applications, using a search interface that visualises data together with its linked information. As a result, users can instantly access the data they need, without requiring application developers to search through individual websites and process the underlying data.

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