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Collaboration aids quantitative biomarker prediction

Clarient and Definiens have established a strategic partnership to employ a series of image analysis platforms for Clarient's in-house research and development, and web-based customer portal Pathsite. Under a five-year collaborative agreement, Clarient and Definiens plan to develop and commercialise tools that will help to evaluate quantitative biomarkers that predict cancer treatment response to targeted therapies.

Ken Bloom, MD, Clarient's chief medical officer, said: 'The availability of image analysis tool sets is essential as we enter the age of personalised medicine. Many of the assays in development assess several intracellular processes simultaneously, and it is critical that we develop algorithms that localise and quantify key markers. We now have the ability to provide a number of image analysis tools across a wide range of technologies to help facilitate biomarker assessment for our biopharma clients in the clinical marketplace. The Definiens agreement provides us with access to a team of scientists that have extensive experience in software development and biomarker analysis for applications in the life sciences.'


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