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Collaboration agreement on petascale computing signed

IBM and SARA have signed a joint research collaboration agreement focused on petascale computing. The agreement allows for joint research in a number of areas to enable applications to run on next-generation Pflop supercomputers. The currently deployed SARA Huygens cluster with IBM Power 575 technology and an IBM Power 755 test system will be used as major platforms to support the research, which include scaling key applications in the Dutch research community to support a large number of cores, new programming tools, Linux system performance and tuning and energy efficient technologies – all essential for Pflop systems.

‘Next generation petascale supercomputers and applications are required to enable top level competitive research in the Netherlands and to stimulate the knowledge economy,’ said Anwar Osseyran, director of SARA. ‘Petaflop supercomputers will have tens to hundreds of thousands of processor cores. Significant research and development, and a strong collaborative effort between HPC centres, vendors and users are required to manage and use such systems efficiently.’

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