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Clinical lab accelerates data analysis

NorDx, a US clinical lab, has signed a deal with InforSense to use the latter's software to accelerate analysis of clinical, financial and laboratory data.

The production InforSense system is fully implemented and in active use at NorDx. It was implemented in three weeks and is expanding rapidly as new use cases and applications are defined and implemented. InforSense is used at NorDx to: extract data from billing, laboratory results, patient and cost data sources; create and load data marts to enable analysis for quality measurements; and assess pay for performance goals and payment of payer reimbursements. The system also automates the generation of clinical, reimbursement and billing reports for the 35,000 patients and more than 200,000 plus tests performed each month. These applications built with InforSense save considerable time over the previous manual processes and also identify opportunities for revenue improvement.

'We can integrate patient data from our laboratory information system with insurance information from our billing system and automatically generate reports on a monthly basis,' said Denis Rochette, director IT, NorDx. 'These reports are used by one of NorDx's strategic clients for their patient care system to improve the health and well-being of patients.' He also added: 'The system is proving very effective and easy to use – even our billing analyst is building her own workflows to answer ad-hoc questions from the finance director and leadership team.'


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