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CLC bio expands consulting opperations

CLC bio has expanded its North American operations by introducing a new consulting organisation in Washington, DC, USA. The new organisation will function as an integrated part of CLC bio’s global consulting team. Dr Saul A Kravitz, formerly director of bioinformatics software at the J Craig Venter Institute, has joined CLC bio and will lead the North American consulting organisation.

'We have experienced a huge increase in demand for our consulting services in North America. We're involved in a number of customer engagements, ranging from customising and integrating our solutions with existing IT systems and hardware, to delivering complete analysis results from raw Next Generation Sequencing data,' says director of consulting services at CLC bio, Dr Jannick D Bendtsen. 'With the expansion of our North American consulting organisation under Saul Kravitz’s experienced leadership, we will enhance our ability to meet the increased demand for consulting and improve our ability to provide enterprise solutions for our existing and new clients,' he says.


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