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CAS makes significant changes to databases

CAS has made significant improvements to its databases, including extended Asian and US patent coverage, and revisions to chemical nomenclature.

CAS provides a collection of chemical and related scientific information. New processing software tools developed by CAS will now give users faster access to Chinese patent records. 2006 Korean patent information, and an improved search tool for Japanese patent classification codes and content, will also significantly increase the Asian coverage.

In addition, CAS has added 18,700 records for US chemical patents from 1900 to 1906, and 2600 records from the 1878 to 1906 issues of the Journal of the Chemical Society, Transactions. There are also plans to include more issues of the Journal of the Chemical Society, Abstracts, by 1 January 2007.

CAS has also made revisions to the chemical nomenclature held in the database, making the names more intuitive and consistent. There will be more uniformly cited locants, a reduction in the number of stereoparent names, and the elimination of nearly 3,000 stereoparents. The changes will begin to appear in early December.


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