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CambridgeSoft announces collaboration with Microsoft

CambridgeSoft has announced that it is working with Microsoft to enhance the ability of scientists to collaboratively share data. This, it says, will be achieved by the integration of key technologies and through the delivering solutions through a cloud computing model. A working proof of concept of CambridgeSoft's flagship ELN product, E-Notebook, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint has also been demonstrated by the company.

'SharePoint 2010 provides a horizontal platform for the collaboration of individuals across total organisations from marketing to R&D to manufacturing. Through the integration of the FAST enterprise search engine within the SharePoint platform, searching of all data inside an organisation and across the Internet is now possible,' said Michael Naimoli, life sciences industry solutions director, Microsoft.

'The integration of E-Notebook content under the SharePoint umbrella enables for the first time absolutely comprehensive search across all data required for global organisations to make effective decisions. For example, R&D scientists will have instant access to an organisation's current market research, current R&D activities pertaining to this research and simultaneously access to the Internet for information available globally,' added Michael Tomasic, president and CEO of CambridgeSoft..

Building on the foundation of the integration of the E-Notebook and SharePoint platforms, CambridgeSoft will work with Microsoft to extend to other products and delivery platforms including the emerging trend toward cloud computing. The increasing utilisation of SaaS environments such as the Windows Azure platform will provide yet another step change in the possibilities for internal and external collaboration, productivity improvements and cost reduction. According to CambridgeSoft, this kind of delivery platform is ideal for developing models of research based on the combined activity of large commercial organisations, contract research organisations, government laboratories and universities.


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