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CambridgeSoft and StatSoft to collaborate

CambridgeSoft is to integrate the graphical and numerical data analysis capabilities of StatSoft's Statistica package into its Chem & Bio Office suite as part of a formal agreement between the two companies.

'It is a natural fit between our organisations,' said Paul Lewicki, CEO of StatSoft, 'as we had major joint customers with large, global commitments to both respective product lines, requesting integrations between them. Simply, CambridgeSoft's Chem & Bio Office is the solution for knowledge management for laboratories and Statistica provides the data analysis capabilities designed to process the same data and knowledge, so now scientists will be able to work more efficiently and accomplish more in one integrated environment.'

'We are excited to be working together with StatSoft,' said Michael G Tomasic, president and CEO of CambridgeSoft. 'With this agreement, we are ensuring that our customers benefit by being able to integrate CambridgeSoft's leading Chem & Bio Office desktop and enterprise products with Statistica's data analysis platform to drive customer's decision support to higher levels of efficiency.'


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