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CAE simulates drop tests of hazardous material containers

ATR Ingenierie, a French engineering service provider, has implemented the CAE suite HyperWorks from Altair Engineering to streamline the company's engineering capabilities for projects within its mechanical engineering division. ATR Ingenierie is involved in a large domain of activities, such as operating and hazard analysis, new facilities design and building assistance, and decommissioning and waste management.

In addition, ATR Ingenierie has partnered with Altair France to provide ATR Ingenierie with the use of HyperWorks and Radioss, the nonlinear solver of the CAE suite. Radioss will be used to simulate drop tests of metallic and reinforced concrete containers, with the aim to define robust packaging concepts for transport and storage of hazardous material. The accelerated model creation with HyperMorph and HyperStudy will bring an additional value to the projects of ATR Ingenierie, especially regarding optimisation and robustness studies.

'The multidisciplinary character of HyperWorks was a major reason for us to choose HyperWorks,' said Sylvain Tholance, project manager at ATR Ingenierie. 'Altair's software allows us to treat a wide range of problems, including classic linear static analysis, thermo mechanics, fatigue, frequency response and spectrum analysis, and fast dynamic impact problems involving fluid-structure interaction. Last, but not the least, Altair's on-demand licensing system helps us to react rapidly to all of our customers' requests and to work on all types of applications, since it also gives us access to several partner applications.'

'We are very pleased about the relationship with ATR engineering,' said Mauro Guglielminotti, regional director at Altair France. 'They use the full range of our HyperWorks products and participate in the HyperWorks Enabled Partner Program, which gives them access to a broad range of partner applications at no additional cost.'


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