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Bricsys in cooperation with Open Design Alliance

Bricsys has made improvements and enhancements to the Open Design Alliance (ODA) platform as part of a cooperation to further improve the platform.

Development teams from both companies are working together to incorporate modifications made to the ODA platform code by Bricsys back to the ODA, with modifications to be included in the base code delivered by the ODA to its member companies. The first phase of the joint development efforts are expected to take three months to complete. Moving forward, the ODA and Bricsys have agreed to collaborate and work closely on additional contributions towards the improvement and increased performance of the ODA platform.

The ODA, a non-profit consortium of more than 2,000 software developers and users, develops and delivers platform technology to its members for inclusion and use within technical graphics applications that members further develop and customise into their own solutions for market. The ability to incorporate a streamlined core base of source code is essential to the success of the ODA and its members.

Arnold van der Weide, ODA president, stated: 'The ODA is promoting tight relationships with its members to enable the creation of technologies for the technical graphics industry. The cooperation with Bricsys, a long-term ODA member, is an example of such a relationship — the positive effects will benefit all ODA members who rely on the ODA platform to deliver their own technical graphics solutions.'

Erik de Keyser, Bricsys CEO, added: 'We hope our initiative will be followed by other members too. I'm pleased that we mutually agreed to work closely together on the ODA code in order to speed up the overall development, which serves both the objectives of the ODA and Bricsys.'


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