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BioIT Alliance recruits senior Accelrys officer to the board

Dr Frank Brown, senior vice president and chief science officer at Accelrys, has been appointed to the board of directors at the BioIT Alliance, a group of organisations working together to realise the potential of personalised medicine.

'The appointment of Dr Brown to the BioIT Alliance board of directors is due to his passion for scientific informatics and addressing the challenges that life sciences companies face in the areas of research, discovery and development,' said Les Jordan, director of the BioIT Alliance and industry technology strategist for life sciences at Microsoft. 'He will undoubtedly bring strong, reasoned leadership to this new role, and his guidance will help lead the BioIT Alliance further in its mission to drive integration between technologies, develop standards and foster collaboration.'

The BioIT Alliance unites the healthcare IT, pharmaceutical, biotech, hardware and software industries to explore new ways to share complex biomedical data and collaborate among multi-disciplinary teams to speed the pace of discovery. Life science companies have unique technical challenges in data integration, collaboration, and knowledge management that cannot be solved by any organisation alone. The BioIT Alliance brings together science, health and technology leaders to consider innovative ways to address these challenges and use technology to reduce costs, streamline research, and market their products more effectively.

'I'm delighted to be appointed to the BioIT Alliance board. This is an exciting opportunity to help lead conversations about some of the most important issues confronting the life sciences industry,' said Brown. 'If personalised medicine is to become a reality, it is more important than ever to deliver information technologies that increase the success rate of discovering and developing New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and to design strategies for the most effective application of these NCEs to the health care system.'


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