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Bayer HealthCare extends enterprise software investment

Bayer HealthCare has expanded its existing partnership with Genedata to incorporate the latter's enterprise software platforms for research data integration and analysis across the Bayer Schering Pharma sites to help consolidate and harmonise the drug discovery process.

The Genedata collaboration with Bayer Schering Pharma includes the provision and the tailoring of Genedata's Expressionist and Phylosopher platforms to support BSP's research processes. In addition, Genedata will provide professional services to support integration and to provide interfaces to existing research logistics infrastructure including laboratory technologies and related IT systems.Genedata Phylosopher is used for consolidating portfolios of therapeutic targets and for managing the increasing complexity of biological target information. By integrating targets with proprietary compound information, patent information, disease pathways and information on experimental evidences indicating impact on relevant medical indications, Phylosopher represents the central target database that connects the different research groups on a global scale within BSP.  

Genedata Expressionist is used for high throughput processing and quality control of raw gene expression data as well as for statistical analysis to identify differentially expressed genes for target candidate identification, compound profiling, and mode of action studies. Genedata Phylosopher is subsequently used to evaluate and prioritise target candidates.


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