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Autoscribe launches US subsidiary

Autoscribe, the developers of Matrix software products, will have a far stronger presence in US and Canadian markets following the formation of Autoscribe Informatics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. For the past 12 years, Zumatrix has operated as Autoscribe’s North American distributor, but as of 3 January 2012 Autoscribe Informatics is now responsible for all sales activities, implementation services and support in that market. Formed by the transfer of Zumatrix’s staff and assets, the new company will operate from the offices previously occupied by Zumatrix to ensure that the transfer will have minimal impact upon existing customers.

‘The formation of Autoscribe Informatics will provide a huge opportunity for us to expand on exciting prospects such as the biobanking sector,’ commented John Boother, the founding director of Autoscribe. ‘It marks a significant strengthening of our commitment to the customer base within North America. I am delighted that all the Zumatrix staff chose to transfer over to Autoscribe – it demonstrates the strong relationship between the UK and US teams and expands our in-house skills for the benefit of all our customers.’


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