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Aureus Pharma rebrands

Aureus Pharma has changed its name to Aureus Sciences and launched a comprehensive application webportal that offers better access to its drug discovery tools and knowledge. Aureus Sciences has built its new webportal around its knowledge platform, the culmination of ten years’ intensive development, which analyses, indexes and organises critical chemical and bioactivity information of the druggable genome into scientific databases.

The portal is designed to provide easier access and live experience to Aureus Sciences’ tools with several search and visualisation options. These tools include applications and content, as well as help for users to understand the value of proposed solutions. Researchers involved in the drug discovery process can navigate in the portal and conduct searches in Aureus’ knowledge bases, which contain more than three million biological activities.

Scientists can filter results, such as compound activity, therapeutic target affinity, ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion) and DDI (Drug-Drug Interaction) properties. Results are displayed in a scientifically-relevant context through a selection of ‘dashboards’ that show detailed coverage of the topics in Aureus Sciences’ knowledge space. Further drill-down searches are available free of charge to registered users for a limited period of time. Full access is available under a named user license agreement.


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