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Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) deploys Allinea DDT

Based in the UK, the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) is using Allinea Software’s DDT debugging tool to provide the capability needed for a new generation of science on its Blackthorn and Willow Bull systems. Scientific researchers at AWE carry out many trillions of calculations per second to further the understanding of elemental physics and the company is committed to investing in its infrastructure and facilities to support the science program. To this end, development tools are required that cope with the size and diversity of the systems and applications in place now and in the future.

‘As the size of jobs we need to do have grown, so have our debugging needs. It was really important to move to a debugger that is extremely fast and stable at any scale,’ said Ken Atkinson, AWE’s High Performance Computing Strategy and Procurement manager. ‘Allinea DDT was the obvious choice and we have been extremely happy with the product since it was adopted – its user interface makes debugging effective and straightforward for our application developers, even when we are working with large-scale hybrid CPU/GPU applications.’

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