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Atomic energy agency selects bio ELN solution

The Immunovirology Division of the French Atomic Energy Agency (Commissariat à l’Ènergie Atomique, CEA) has selected E-WorkBook for Biology (BioBook) from IDBS to capture, collate, analyse and share experimental data across its multi-user immunovirology research projects.

Managed by Roger Le Grand, CEA's Immunovirology Division focuses on viral/host interactions and pathogenesis, and the design and evaluation of new therapeutic and preventative approaches of viral infections. CEA sought an experimental data management solution that allowed scientists to analyse data as soon as it is generated, and share that information in the form of regular reports to collaborating researchers.

Isabelle Mangeot-Méderlé, project leader for CEA, commented: 'BioBook helps us to record all aspects of our experimental research into virology, immunology and haematology, as well as manage and analyse data from multiple projects. BioBook captures all data produced for each project, including biological and serological data, cellular immune responses induced after vaccination or infection and viral loads after infection.' She added: 'We didn't find any other product that met all our requirements, which includes capturing data and structuring it by project while accommodating multiple users. Furthermore, other products didn't offer the ability to analyse data between projects.'


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