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ATL dredges up wastewater data management

Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) has partnered with Linko Data Systems to offer wastewater companies a data management solution by integrating ATL's Sample Master Pro LIMS with Linko's pretreatment software.

The integration will increase compliance effectiveness and streamline wastewater clients' IT systems. This partnership will greatly benefit water/wastewater clients as the Linko product integration with Sample Master Pro LIMS will enhance data quality, eliminate the need for duplicate data entry and increase productivity.

Michael Connolly, president of Linko, said: ‘The integration of our software products will provide a higher level of efficiency than possible with the two standalone packages. The integration represents a breakthrough in pretreatment and LIMS software, extending the leadership role that both ATL and Linko play in the marketplace.'

Linko Data Systems has been providing compliance tracking software to the wastewater industry since 1996.


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