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Asubio Pharma use bioinformatics to manage DNA array data

Asubio Pharma, a Japanese pharmaceutical company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daiichi Sankyo, is using the Genedata Expressionist system to support its compound profiling and biomarker discovery process.

'We were looking for a bioinformatics solution to manage a huge volume of DNA array data generated internally at Asubio as well as to integrate additional external molecular profiling data,' said Dr Michinori Kadokura, associate senior researcher at Asubio Pharma. 'The system [Genedata Expressionist] allows us to easily manage large volumes of data in a high-throughput manner and gives bioinformaticians across the company centralised access for data sharing. Furthermore, we are interested in cross-omics analysis, which is uniquely supported by Expressionist.'

The Expressionist module Analyst is being used at Asubio Pharma as an ultra high-throughput framework for integrated statistical analysis for biomarker discovery. Analyst features top-tier statistical algorithms, intuitive visualisers and technology to analyse data from different omics technologies. Powered by a flexible workflow system and designed to analyse more than one billion data points in real-time, Analyst can accommodate both in-house and public domain algorithms for statistical analysis.


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