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Argonne National Laboratory chooses Allinea Software

The US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory has selected Allinea Software to improve debugging performance and scalability on IBM's Blue Gene/P system.

Blue Gene is a cooperative computer architecture project with the aim of producing several supercomputers designed to reach operating speeds in the Pflops range, and currently reaching sustained speeds of nearly 500 Tflops. Participants in the project include IBM, particularly IBM Rochester and the Thomas J. Watson Research Center; the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; the United States Department of Energy, which is partially funding the project; and academia. There are four Blue Gene projects in development: Blue Gene/L, Blue Gene/C, Blue Gene/P, and Blue Gene/Q.

Allinea was chosen by Argonne to enhance debugging performance and allow Blue Gene/P to take advantage of Allinea's recent scalability breakthroughs for other platforms. This selected tool is focused on drastically improving scalability beyond a single I/O node. Allinea DDT for Blue Gene will significantly reduce scalability bottlenecks by ensuring that all systems – up to the largest (1,000 racks) – will perform at essentially the same speed as a single rack (100ms approx.) for all common operations, such as on collective, single and subset operations. Allinea DDT for Blue Gene has therefore become the first fully-scalable solution available today on IBM Blue Gene/P series.

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