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Applied Biosystems wins award for SQL*LIMS

The SQL*LIMS product from Applied Biosystems has been selected for the Frost and Sullivan 2008 Vertical Market Penetration Leadership Award for the European laboratory information management systems (LIMS) market. The award was presented in recognition of innovation for the SQL*LIMS P4 (plug-and-play pharma package), which was cited as the first pre-configured and pre-validated LIMS solution for pharmaceutical quality control operations.

Software-based LIMS solutions are used by pharmaceutical companies to manage analytical testing associated with their drug development and manufacturing processes. This includes tracking samples and their results as they enter and travel the laboratory workflow. Stringent quality assurance and adherence to standard operating procedures in these operations are necessary for complying with regulatory requirements, and ensuring a safe and reliable supply of pharmaceutical products. The company claims that its P4 solution can eliminate up to 85 per cent of the cost and as much as 75 per cent of the time associated with deployment.


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