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Altair acquires MODELiiS

Altair has acquired MODELiiS, a supplier of electronic design automation software for circuit modelling, system design and simulation tools based in Grenoble, France. MODELiiS solutions are geared towards the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, and complex hybrid systems. The acquisition will help Altair to strengthen its portfolio in these areas – particularly IOT which will be important in the development of autonomous vehicles.

MODELiiS was originally a start-up company incubated within a larger EDA design firm.  Their main products simulate C code behaviour for various chips and include a very high-performance SPICE circuit simulator.  This technology is used in EDA, system modelling, electromagnetics and to model sensors for the IoT.

‘With the MODELiiS acquisition, we plan to continue our growth and investment in our EDA capabilities to deliver the most relevant, optimal, simulation-driven design solutions for IoT,’ said James Scapa, Altair’s Founder, Chairman and CEO. ‘Simulation and optimisation are fundamental to the design of communication and controls for everything from personal devices to autonomous vehicles.’


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