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Agribioscience research aided by Genedata Expressionist Refiner MS

Australia's Department of Primary Industries (DPI), located in Victoria, has selected Genedata Expressionist Refiner MS for mass spectrometry for use in its agribioscience research. With advanced visualisation capabilities, Refiner MS will help DPI scientists analyse huge proteomics and metabolomics datasets at any stage of data processing.

‘We focus on the systems biology of agriscience, and Genedata Expressionist helps us make sense of all the raw data made available to us through proteomics and metabolomics,’ said Ben Cocks, research director for the Biosciences Research Division. ‘With Refiner MS we're analysing hundreds of one-gigabyte LC/MS files.’

Refiner MS is a module within the Genedata Expressionist enterprise system for biomarker discovery and molecular profiling. The system is a single-point-of-access for experimental, proprietary and public data, including sample information, raw and pre-processed data, and analysis results with reports and documentation. Functionality can be extended along the R&D workflow with additional Refiner modules as well as Genedata Analyst for sample-centric data organisation, statistical analysis, biological interpretation, prediction and decision support.


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