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Adapteva selects software partner for multicore processor

Adapteva has selected ETI's Swarm (Swift Adaptive Runtime Machine) software solution for its Epiphany multicore processor, an architecture capable of scaling to thousands of parallel processors on a single chip. ETI’s Swarm programming environment enables application development on the Epiphany processing architecture, and is part of the company’s many-core expertise offerings that include design, development, and other custom programming services for advanced HPC and embedded computing systems.

'ETI has developed a world-class solution to the multicore programming problem,' said Andreas Olofsson, CEO and founder of Adapteva. 'The Epiphany microprocessor redefined the meaning of real-time computing and will allow for the introduction of advanced applications not even feasible on current quad-core devices − but none of these applications will be possible without an efficient and scalable programming environment. After designing the architecture, we had to find the software solution that would allow developers to fully utilise the power of the parallel environment to create more sophisticated applications. ETI’s Swarm technology provides the combined ease-of-programming and specialised many-core capacity necessary to deliver this development capability.'

Epiphany’s scalability of parallel structure offers the ability to significantly improve performance of even the most processing-intensive programs at radically reduced power consumption rates. Current programming execution models are not optimised for systems with many processing cores, and application performance on these systems is actually worse than on a less powerful embedded engine. ETI specialises in providing solutions that are specifically designed to not only enable application development for many-core and hybrid HPC systems, but to simplify this programming process for developers through a computationally sophisticated, but easy-to-use environment.


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