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Accelrys forms partnership for text-mining software integration

US-based informatics software company Accelrys has announced a partnership with UK-based enterprise text-mining specialist Linguamatics, which sees the integration of I2E, Linguamatics' natural language processing (NLP)-based text-mining technology with Pipeline Pilot, Accelrys' scientific informatics platform. Mutual customers will benefit by embedding powerful natural language querying within more extensive informatics workflows including access via Accelrys web clients.

Organisations continue to face the challenge of filtering ever-increasing volumes of text information to gain actionable knowledge. Linguamatics provides the ability to automate document indexing and querying within the I2E software platform in addition to its interactive information extraction capabilities. Embedding I2E within Pipeline Pilot workflows enables further streamlining of the process for high throughput text mining, and provides access to additional content processing, analytics and output display options.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Phil Hastings, director or business development and member of the Linguamatics executive board, said: 'Our customers want more of their staff to benefit from the high quality intelligence we can deliver using text mining. We are pleased to partner with Accelrys to meet this challenge, unlocking value from text across the organisation and raising productivity.'


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