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£50,000 prize for modelling software

Process Systems Enterprise has won the coveted Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award for its successful mathematical modelling software, used to make chemical plants safer and more efficient.

A team of five engineers were presented with £50,000 between them and a gold medal for the company by the Duke of Edinburgh (the Royal Academy’s senior fellow) at a ceremony in London on 5 June.

‘We were really impressed with this highly innovative modelling software,’ says Dr Geoff Robinson, chairman of the MacRobert Award judging panel. ‘gProms is now the leading modelling product within the chemical industry and is also widely used at more than 200 universities worldwide.’

The software has already achieved success, and is used worldwide in company’s such as LG Chem, Korea’s largest chemical company. It’s use is not limited to chemical plants, having been used to improve product packaging and safety in the kitchen.


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