30 March 2017

MachineWorks, a provider of component software, has appointed Richard Baxter as the new Sales Manager for Polygonica.

Richard has an MA in Physics from Cambridge University and has spent twenty-five years working in CAD middleware development, support, technical consulting, implementation, and sales.

30 March 2017

The Pistoia Alliance, a global, not for profit alliance that works to lower barriers to innovation in life sciences research and development, is calling upon the industry to improve collaborative efforts to use patient data to its full effect.

29 March 2017

Elsevier, a provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has announced a collaboration with LabNetwork, WuXi AppTec’s global chemistry ecommerce platform.

LabNetwork’s nearly four million commercially available discovery, and research compounds will now be directly available to users of Reaxys, Elsevier’s premier chemistry database.

23 March 2017

An international team of scientists, including researchers from TU Kaiserslautern, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have unearthed new species of eukaryotic organisms in tropical rainforest soils using german

22 March 2017

ARM has taken a step into the artificial intelligence market with the announcement of a new micro-architecture - DynamIQ - specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI)

17 March 2017

Arthritis sufferers in the UK will soon have access to a ‘virtual personal assistant’ that will provide information and advice to people living with Arthritis.

16 March 2017

The Pistoia Alliance is aiming to improve laboratory safety with the launch of a new Chemical Safety Library (CSL) Service - a collaborative database of hazardous reaction incident data, which allows hazardous reaction information to be captured, stored and shared.

14 March 2017

Intel has joined the race to develop driverless cars this week as the company has announced the acquisition of Mobileye for £15 billion

13 March 2017

Bright Computing, a provider of hardware-agnostic cluster and cloud management software, has announced that the Fox Chase Cancer Center is now using Bright Cluster Manager for use in a new high-performance computing (HPC) cluster in operation at the centre

06 March 2017

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that it has acquired informatics software provider Core Informatics - a company that specialises cloud-based software to support scientific data management

06 March 2017

Weather and climate simulation services could soon be run in Europe rather than the UK as it was announced that the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is proposing to move its supercomputing capabilities to a new datacentre located in Italy

02 March 2017

This week the UK government announced its plans for a digital strategy to accelerate the growth of high-tech industry – including a review to define conditions for the ‘artificial intelligence industry to thrive and grow in the UK.'



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