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HPC Yearbook 2018-19

Welcome to High-Performance Computing 2018-19, the annual guide to HPC for the scientific research community.

Below are links to the online versions of the articles that appeared in the above publication, plus a link to the full digital edition and PDF.

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Disruptive technology

Robert Roe looks at technology that can help drive future HPC performance increases

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Approaching the summit

Robert Roe learns about the technology behind the latest DOE leadership class supercomputer, Summit

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Processor technology

Robert Roe reports on trends in processor technology for HPC

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The impact of AI on the Gordon Bell Prize

Robert Roe looks at the Gordon Bell Prize finalists and the impact that AI is having on HPC applications

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The Roofline Model

Intel's Cedric Andreolli, Jim Cownie and Kate Antakova highlight the importance of Roofline optimisation for HPC application development

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