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In profile: Tripos Discovery Informatics

Tripos Discovery Informatics helps pharmaceutical companies and research facilities around the world successfully accelerate the identification and optimisation of new compounds that have the potential to become drug products. Tripos Discovery Informatics was originally founded in 1979 based on work done in Garland Marshall’s lab at Washington University in St Louis.

Tripos Discovery Informatics business was purchased out of Tripos Inc in March 2007 by Vector Capital, a San Francisco-based private equity firm focused on buyouts, spinouts and recapitalisations of technology companies. The newly private Tripos Discovery Informatics business is headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, and serves more than 1,000 customers spanning 46 countries.


Product portfolio overview

Tripos Discovery Informatics solutions consists of Computational Informatics and Enterprise solutions, both used throughout the drug discovery lifecycle.

Tripos Computational Informatics Solutions: Sybyl is a suite of computational informatics software designed to enhance the drug discovery workflows and decision-making of today’s computational chemists and molecular modelers. Sybyl provides the fundamental components for understanding molecular structure and properties with an emphasis on the discovery of lead candidates.

Tripos Enterprise Solutions: Benchware is a unique suite of laboratory informatics software specifically designed to meet the challenging demands placed on today’s laboratory chemists. Tripos developed Benchware in direct response to customer demand for more intuitive and scientifically robust predictive chemistry, scientific planning and collaboration applications designed for laboratory scientists. Laboratory researchers use Windows-based Benchware applications to:

  • Support chemical synthesis and testing decisions;
  • Digitally store, search and retrieve research information; and
  • Share experimental results with project team members, including computational scientists.


Future plans

The newly-private company will retain its leadership position as a provider of enterprise and computational informatics solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industries. Specifically, Tripos will focus on innovation within its current technology portfolio, enhancing the core functionality and user experience of its computational informatics product suite Sybyl. Additionally, the company will continue to support the large pharmaceutical companies that have adopted Tripos’ Benchware enterprise-class products, through professional services, customer and technical support.

As a private company and a Vector Capital portfolio company, Tripos will focus on organic growth as well as growth through acquisitions to expand and enhance its breadth of solutions.


Product availability

Tripos Discovery Informatics has offices in Canada, Europe, Mexico, North America, South America and South Africa. Distributors are also found in Australia (JPR Technologies), Brazil (3S Simulacao), China (Beijing Hongcam Software Technologies), India (BrainWave Biosolutions), Japan (Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation), Korea (T and J Tech Inc), Singapore (GNX Technologies), and Taiwan (Tri-I Biotech).


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