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In profile: LabWare

LabWare’s first product was LabStation, a customer-configurable instrument data acquisition system. This was followed by the launch of LabWare LIMS in 1994, which marked the company’s entry into the LIMS market.

LabWare is exclusively dedicated to LIMS and has grown year on year, with an impressive compound annual growth rate of 27.5 per cent since 2000. The company enjoys strong organisational stability and has substantial presence across the world, supporting systems in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Unlike many LIMS suppliers, LabWare has invested heavily in global infrastructure, preferring wherever possible to set up direct representation with local offices and local language staff, rather than working via a loose network of dealers and agents. LabWare places considerable emphasis on recruiting highly experienced personnel with a careerlong commitment to LIMS, including many who have held senior positions in other LIMS companies.


LabWare develops and markets one product – LabWare LIMS. This comprises a baseproduct and an enormous library of configurable application modules suitable for many different types of laboratories, such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, consumer products, food and beverage, environmental, forensic and, more recently, clinical and clinical trials.

Furthermore, a range of industry-specific pre-configured templates is available, featuring best practices to quick-start projects and to aid with rapid implementation. For example, the ‘pharma’ template features pre-configured lot management, stability and EM functionality for QA/AC laboratories, including supporting documentation and validation materials. 

LabWare LIMS includes LabStation instrument data acquisition software seamlessly embedded within the core product, eliminating the need to use third-party data acquisition products. LabWare LIMS is platform-independent.

The application software can use popular databases, such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and MS Access. It can be deployed to the end user using Windows, the web, and PDAs using zero-footprint, browser-independent technology.


Labware has achieved sustained success over a number of years and intends to continue to develop and expand its proven core strategies.

This includes being exceptionally responsive to customer requirements by making new functions and features available on a continuous basis using rapid application development and a unique module release technology. Furthermore, the company intends to continue strict adherence to open standards and platform-independence, providing customers with the most future-proof and flexible LIMS platform.

For example, 2008 will see the launch of the latest version of LabWare LIMS web-interface, featuring AJAX technology, enabling true web browser independence and an exceptionally user-friendly and responsive user interface. LabWare regards continued development of global infrastructure and local (language) expertise as fundamental to sustaining company growth, together with continued expansion and refinement of product functionality for multi-site, multi-laboratory and global deployment. LabWare strives to ensure customers need never buy another LIMS by providing a product capable of enterprise-wide deployment.


LabWare is directly represented in North America, South Africa, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Middle East, Russia, and Europe, including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, and others. See the company’s website for full details.



LOCATION Wilmington, Delaware, USA


TURNOVER $75m+ (2007)



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