EXDCI final conference

07 September 2017 to 08 September 2017
Barcelona, Spain

The European Extreme Data & Computing Initiative (EXDCI) project final conference will deliver 6 decisive keynotes and a joint session with Eurolab4HPC and HiPEAC, that will cover all the fields of the recent evolution of the EU HPC ecosystem.

From global competition trends in HPC to next generation applications, passing by design directions for supercomputing in Europe, our conference addresses all the important topics of a fast-moving, challenging yet promising HPC environment. You will also get insights on key questions such as training in HPC and the challenges faced by the SMEs in the field.

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Robert Roe explores efforts to diversify the HPC processor market


Darren Barrington-Light, senior manager product marketing for Thermo Fisher Scientific, explains the importance of integrating LIMS into the pharmaceutical data chain


Gemma Church looks at the use of additive manufacturing processes in engineering