Mathematica 9

Wolfram has released Mathematica 9, which boasts 400 new capabilities in 57 different application areas


SystemModeler, a high-fidelity modelling environment that uses versatile symbolic components and computation to drive design efficiency, has been released

Mathematica Player

Wolfram has introduced the free Mathematica player, which allows users to access Mathematica notebook files without a fully licensed copy of Mathematica.

Wolfram Workbench 1.1

Built on Eclipse, Workbench is suitable for all stages of the development process, enabling programmers to build, debug, and deploy Mathematica applications more efficiently.

Gimme five...

When the imminent Mathematica release 5.0 was announced, at the beginning of June, it was the first full-digit upgrade for four years. Even incremental updates had only come twice within that time; that's unusual these days. Admittedly, Wolfram Research has been putting a lot of its attention into a broadened market base with collateral product releases but, nevertheless, a major version caused ears to prick up. The final beta appeared shortly thereafter (the full release appearing in early July) so I've had it out on the road for about two months now, at the time of writing.

Online help at hand

Brian Cogan analyses the opportunities presented by webMathematica, an online version of the successful Wolfram software.

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