Tissue Studio 2.0

Definiens has introduced its Tissue Studio 2.0, the latest version of the companys image analysis software for digital pathology and biomarker translational research

LymphExpert version 2.0

Definiens has launched version 2.0 of its LymphExpert software, a software application that assists radiology professionals in the identification, analysis and evaluation of lymph nodes in CT images over time

Definiens Tissue Studio

Definiens has introduced Definiens Tissue Studio, a digital pathology image analysis software package for translational biomarker research


Definiens has released a computer-aided detection (CAD) application that allows radiologists to identify and analyse lymph nodes volumetrically and compare them over time.

Definiens XD

Definiens has released a multi-dimensional image analysis platform called Definiens XD.

Definiens TissueMap 2.0

Definiens has released Definiens TissueMap 2.0 for oncology research. The image analysis software application provides detailed, automated morphometric quantification of biomarkers of nuclei or cell bodies in epithelial tumours or xenografts.

Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite 7

Definiens has released the Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite 7. The latest version of the powerful image analysis platform provides life science organisations with improved data management capabilities.

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