Cresset, a provider of chemistry software and services, has released the GPU version of Blaze, the leading virtual screening platform

XedTools 3.0

Cresset, provider of chemistry software and services, has announced a new release of the XedTools package, including the next generation of the popular XED force field


Cresset has announced the release of the first major update to its computational chemistry workbench, ForgeV10, since its launch in 2012


Cresset, provider of chemistry software and services, announces the completion of its Cresset ProV10 suite

TorchV10 and TorchV10lite

Software and service provider Cresset has announced the release of TorchV10, a desktop molecular design and 3D SAR tool for medicinal chemists


Cresset, which provides software and services for molecule designers, has unveiled sparkV10, the next generation of its bio-isostere software tool FieldStere


A computational suite that aids computational and medicinal chemists in understanding SAR and design has been launched by Cresset

FieldStere v3.0

Cresset has released v3.0 of its bioisostere replacement tool FieldStere, which uses field-point technology, together with a database of molecular fragments, to help guide drug discovery projects and generate new intellectual property

FieldAlign V3.0

Cresset has released a new version of its FieldAlign package. FieldAlign V3.0 is the latest of the companys new generation of cloud enabled applications, which support parallel, distributed computing by default


Cresset has released FieldView, its powerful new molecular fields visualiser, designed to create, modify, view and compare molecules along with their associated field patterns and physiochemical properties


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