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Credit: Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

Mark Stickells outlines a vision for a greener future for HPC in Australia

Credit: Imperial College London

Researchers will benefit from a long-term research collaboration increasing HPC and AI capabilities at Imperial College London

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How will this new computing revolution impact scientists and engineers' research capabilities?


Credit: Nvidia

01 June 2023

QCT and Supermicro among first to use server spec enabling 100+ system configurations to accelerate AI, HPC and Omniverse Workloads


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01 June 2023

The US National Science Foundation announced $91.8 million in funding for a Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-2 award to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) to create the Airborne Phased Array Radar

31 May 2023

Laboratory event signals the importance of sustainable research

Credit: Ayar Labs

26 May 2023

Funding fuels acceleration of optical I/O roadmap supporting generative AI, machine learning and HPC applications

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

13 April 2023

Ahead of the Paperless Lab Academy event, keynote speaker Toni Manzano shares his thoughts on the use of AI in pharmaceutical manufacturing

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29 March 2023

DOE can help organisations, laboratories, and individual researchers cost-effectively answer critical biological and commercial questions, writes Dr Markus Gershater

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12 February 2023

Dr Markus Gershater, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Synthace, presents his predictions for the life science industry in the next 12 months



Credit: Comsol

03 April 2023

Simulation software is helping accelerate battery development, writes Gemma Church

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10 March 2023

Developing skills to use advanced computing resources such as high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and quantum computing is becoming an increasingly important skill set for scientists and engineers.

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04 March 2023

AI is opening up new avenues of research that are helping to accelerate the future of precision medicine, writes Robert Roe


Credit: Thermo Fisher

Laboratory software is a cornerstone of discovery, development, and manufacture of cutting-edge therapeutics.  As our instrumentation becomes more sophisticated, we rely more and more on using software to decipher and tease out statistically significant information from larger and larger files. 

Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific

How can pharma labs improve their digital maturity to streamline their lab processes and realise the full potential of their data? We look at how to achieve digital maturity, and what to consider when implementing AI and ML in the lab.

Credit: Gigabyte

High-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) have become increasingly important in modern science and technology

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02 June 2023

Results Reported in Nature Article Suggest Vertical GeSn Transistors May Someday Enable Low-Power, High-Performance Chips and Quantum Computers

01 June 2023

Panasas new ActiveStor Ultra Edge platform is an HPC and AI/ML storage solution designed for edge computing environments

01 June 2023


Platform to integrate capabilities of Next Labs, Sparkle Innovation Ecosystem, and Mphasis' Hyperscaler network

Tech Focus

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A roundup of the latest chemistry software available to researchers

Image credit: B-th/Shutterstock.com

A round-up of the latest cooling technologies for scientists using HPC to support their research.

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Autonomous vehicles could help to prevent road accidents and save billions in damages across the world each year.