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IBM and GENCI drive supercomputing closer to exascale

28 August 2015
IBM and GENCI, the French national supercomputing agency, have announced a collaboration aimed at speeding up the path to exascale computing – by giving access to some of the most advanced high performance computing technologies stemming from the rapidly expanding OpenPOWER ecosystem


NERSC supercomputer creates 3D map of adolescent universe

27 August 2015
Scientists from the NERSC and Berkeley National Laboratory are using a supercomputer to create one of the most complete, three-dimensional maps of the adolescent universe — using extremely faint light from galaxies 10.8 billion light years away


China: two 100 Petaflop machines within a year

25 August 2015


UK HPC simulates proton CT images

20 August 2015


Transtec lands 7 million Euro contract with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

19 August 2015


IBM's 1 billion dollar acquisition to give Watson vision

14 August 2015


US adopts Soviet-style five year plans for supercomputing

4 August 2015


Analysis & Opinion

How to get useful work done by a supercomputer

13 August 2015
Robert Roe explores the efforts made by top HPC centres to scale software codes to the extreme levels necessary for exascale computing

Expanding the market for informatics software

28 July 2015
In her final article on the challenges facing long-established informatics software vendors, Gloria Metrick considers their expansion into new markets but concludes that, as ever, the customers’ needs are the driving force

Exascale: expect poor performance

27 July 2015
Supercomputers deliver only a few percent of their theoretical peak performance so people should reset their expectations of exascale, Tom Wilkie heard at ISC High Performance earlier this month