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Architectural approaches to energy efficient exascale

24 July 2014
Tom Wilkie reports on approaches to energy efficiency other than the cooling technologies that were very much in evidence at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’14) in Leipzig at the end of June


What makes SuperMUC so super?

23 July 2014
Following the publication of a hefty report on the science and engineering research undertaken on SuperMUC, together with an international award for its performance – both in June this year -- Robert Roe visited the facility to find out what makes SuperMUC ideal for academic research projects


Helping collaboration drives innovation in engineering

17 July 2014


Dassault Systèmes acquires Simpack

14 July 2014


Cray awarded contract from the NNSA

11 July 2014


IBM to spend $3 billion researching new chip design

9 July 2014


SuperMUC receives award at ISC'14

8 July 2014


Analysis & Opinion

HPC for the next generation of scientists – but not for beginners

News image24 July 2014
The Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing starts next month. Its organiser, Paul Messina, calls on more institutions to offer such training but also to influence university curricula

How aerospace helps shape simulation software

17 July 2014
In his final report from the European Altair Technology Conference (EATC), Robert Roe discusses the aeronautical industry’s role in developing simulation technology

When students compete, the HPC community wins

News image17 July 2014
At the SC14 conference in New Orleans in November, the Student Cluster Competition will showcase student expertise in high-performance computing. Jon Bashor traces the highpoints -- and finds very few lows