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Photonic research to drive future computing technology

22 May 2015
The development of photonic technologies to speed up computing has taken two steps forward, following recent announcements demonstrating the use of photonics in both processing and data transfer


European research led by German HPC

15 May 2015
Just before the European HPC community meets in Dublin for the PRACE Scientific and Industrial Conference 2015, the spotlight has fallen on German supercomputing with several announcements about European-wide research which Germany's Gauss Centre for Supercomputing enables


Women: flock to Frankfurt for top-flight supercomputing career

15 May 2015


Pistoia focuses on ontologies, data warehousing and networks of alliances

14 May 2015


Screener supports outsourced pharma research

13 May 2015


Britain and China to build skills to share metabolomics data

13 May 2015


Quantum computing takes a step closer

11 May 2015


Analysis & Opinion

Disruptive technologies in informatics

20 April 2015
In his final report from the Paperless Lab Academy, Tom Wilkie discusses the role of disruptive technologies such as cloud and big data

Lost knowledge and dead data

17 April 2015
In the second of his reports from the paperless lab academy, Tom Wilkie considers old LIMS and dead data

Out with the old and out with the internal

News image16 April 2015
Outsourcing, end-of-life LIMS, and disruptive technologies such as the cloud, are driving changes to the laboratory informatics landscape, as Tom Wilkie discovered at the Paperless Lab Academy in Barcelona, Spain, this week