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Simulations reveal why bacteria cheat and cooperate

22 October 2014
More robust treatments for antibiotic-resistant bacteria could result from computer simulations at the University of Zurich of interactions among bacterial colonies, reports Robert Roe


IPG Automotive helping young engineers in Motorsport

14 October 2014
Young engineering students who are honing their skills through motorsport competition by taking part in the Formula Student competition, can now enhance their designs with free software licences from IPG Automotive


Why governments need HPC and HPC needs governments

13 October 2014


HP splits in two

13 October 2014


Can there be magic in the computing machine?

9 October 2014


Make the cloud easier to use

8 October 2014


The cloud of unknowing?

6 October 2014


Analysis & Opinion

Food prices and the future of HPC in Europe

30 September 2014
Tom Wilkie mixes his metaphors while noting that a food shortage next July may starve European industry of talent further into the future

Take HPC to the cloud – in a container

24 September 2014
Engineers and industry will adopt HPC in the cloud, if it is packaged up for them in a simple container, argues UberCloud’s Wolfgang Gentzsch

Can informatics turn data into medical treatment?

23 September 2014
In the second of his reports from the 2014 Biomax Symposium Robert Roe reports on the difficulties of integrating the data needed for predictive medicine.