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Laboratory informatics

Pharma's forward motion

The pharmaceutical industry needs new informatics tools if it is to master the age of personalised medicine, Sophia Ktori discovers

Laboratory informatics

Building a smart laboratory

John Trigg sets out the changing demands on laboratories. Only by becoming smart can they respond effectively.

High-performance computing

Houston, we have a problem

John Barr looks at some of the issues surrounding the future of data centres

High-performance computing

A fair wind of change for integrators

More complex clusters mean more scope for integrators – provided they know what their customers need, as Tom Wilkie

High-performance computing

Running a railway – lessons for supercomputing

Tom Wilkie finds that this year's ISC programme prompts thoughts about the relevance of railways and art to high-performance computing


Why use modelling software?

High-performance computing is increasingly being used to interpret financial data, explains Robert Roe


Drug discovery with data

In the second part of our series on computational chemistry, Sian Harris looks at the role of modelling and high-quality data in the pharmaceutical industry


Sound and science

Jean-Louis Migeot argues that acoustic simulation needs to be an early part of any product design and that software is now available to ensure that it can be done easily


How can we manage exabytes of distributed data?

Reagan W Moore argues that policy-based data management systems are the nest stage in the evolution of large-scale data management