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Laboratory informatics

Fuelling growth in the petrochemicals sector

Informatics has an increasingly important role at all stages in the petrochemicals industry, as Sophia Ktori discovers

Laboratory informatics

Treating the individual with the knowledge of all

Robert Roe reports on how informatics can help make predictive medicine a reality

High-performance computing

The many shades of data intensive

William Payne looks at the issues faced by HPC as the volume and variety of data produced by science and engineering grow

High-performance computing

Does the future of HPC lie in the cloud?

Computing in the cloud could be seductive for scientists and engineers, but Tom Wilkie finds that there are still problems to be overcome

High-performance computing

Take HPC to the cloud – in a container

Engineers and industry will adopt HPC in the cloud, if it is packaged up for them in a simple container, argues UberCloud’s Wolfgang Gentzsch

High-performance computing

Why governments need HPC and HPC needs governments

HPC is important for economic development according to several recent reports and, Robert Roe reports, announcements about next-generation US HPC systems could be made at SC14

High-performance computing

Cooling becomes a hot topic

Concerns about energy-efficient computing are driving innovation in cooling technologies, as Robert Roe discovers


Streamlining aerospace design

Engineers want to work on designing new aircraft, so getting software packages to talk to each other is critical, as Robert Roe reports


Software gets student engineers into top gear

Robert Roe looks at how software can help train the engineers of tomorrow


Can there be magic in the computing machine?

Tom Wilkie reports on the marriage of magic and Matlab in motor car design


Should we write out laboratory labels by hand?

A globally harmonised system for labelling all containers in the laboratory, drawing the information from the laboratory informatics system, would be a very good thing, surely? Not so, says Gloria Metrick

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