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Laboratory informatics

Making lighter work of heavy data

Continuing her company profiles, Sophia Ktori finds that Waters’ NuGenesis is differentiated because it can capture data from any instrument in the laboratory

Laboratory informatics

A portable data format for laboratory data

Wolfgang Colsman and Rachel Uphill describe the work of Allotrope Foundation in harmonising laboratory data formats

High-performance computing

China: not one but two 100 Petaflop machines within a year?

Although the ‘Long March’ is a cornerstone of China’s contemporary history, Tom Wilkie finds that the country’s march to supercomputing dominance could be short and fast

High-performance computing

An open invitation to work on the world’s fastest computer

In conversation with Tom Wilkie, the deputy designer of Tianhe-2 spoke warmly of the benefits of peaceful and open international cooperation in using supercomputers for science

High-performance computing

Chinese Government kicks commercial companies overseas

Tom Wilkie reports on how China’s commercial supercomputer manufacturers are seeking export markets with the support of their Government

High-performance computing

The new realism: software runs slowly on supercomputers

No supercomputer runs real applications faster than five percent of its design speed. Robert Roe and Tom Wilkie report on recalibrating expectations of exascale and on efforts to tune software to run faster

High-performance computing

Lives and money depend on big data and the cloud

Tom Wilkie looks at some issues of life and death that will be discussed at the forthcoming ISC Cloud and Big Data conference in Frankfurt


The silver bullet for engineering simulation?

In the first of a new series of company profiles, Gemma Church investigates how CD-adapco is helping engineers to collaborate and move complex simulations into the design phase


Simulating one step at a time

Maplesoft has expanded beyond symbolic computing to mathematical modelling and simulation, as Gemma Church reports in the second of her series of company profiles


Cloud computing powers the profitability of wind

The wind energy industry is increasingly looking to the cloud and to modelling and simulation to solve its engineering problems, as Gemma Church reports

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