On Demand HPC Roundtable: Advances in computing and its impact on scientific research

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This roundtable discussion will feature three HPC experts sharing their opinions on how changes in the HPC landscape might affect scientists and researchers in the near future.

The topics of discussion will include the increasing diversity of HPC hardware and the benefits and challenges that emerge for scientists, how these centres evaluate new hardware, and the impact of exascale development and resources being created to help scientists make use of next-generation HPC systems.

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Professor Simon McIntosh-Smith
Professor in high performance computing at the University of Bristol.

Kalyan Kumaran
Senior computer scientist and the director of technology at Argonne’s Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF).

Dr Sergi Girona
Operations director and CIO of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.


Robert  Roe
Editor at Scientific Computing World
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Webcast date (GMT): 
Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 17:30

Credit: Larich/Shutterstock

08 September 2021